Noise Zone

Artur Smolyn: Electronics, Sebastian Smolyn: Electronic Trombone, Daniel Buess: Drums/Electronics

NoiseZone, feat. the Basel based polish musicians Artur and Sebastian Smolyn and the drummer Daniel Buess is a very straight forward intuitive and impulsive free improv-project. Reduced to the spontaneous musical language of the three musicians, the result is a powerful „tour de force“ of high explosive energy. Their music is a dedication to pure life; the performance, sometimes violent, always with the vibe of a secret ritual, always seems to explore and break several laws. NoiseZone dedicates itself to an extreme, uncompromising presentation.

All of the three musicians have a long term background in the realm of contemporary avantgarde music. The Smolyn-Brothers regularly play with their own trio „Defibrillator“ with Berlin based drummer Oliver Steidle. Several times, they shared stage with the free jazz-legend Peter Brötzmann. Next to their activities as improvising musicians, they also perform with symphony orchestras and contemporary music ensembles. Daniel Buess is percussionist and core-member of Ensemble Phoenix Basel, a well known ensemble for contemporary music (since its foundation in 1998), drummer of the industrial noise-rock-trio MIR (with Michael Zaugg and Papiro, since 2005), the duo CORTEX (with Alex Buess, since 1999) or Buggatronic with the Australian Sound-Artist James Hullick. End of the 90’s he played with a later formation of the legendary noise-pioneers 16-17 and he also regularely appears live with solo-performances as well as collaborations with musicians like Zbigniew Karkowski, Antoine Chessex, Kasper Toeplitz, Tim Hodgkinson, Z’EV, Knut Remond, Ernst Thoma, Stephan Wittwer, amongst others. At his regular tours through Europe, Asia and Australia, he performed at the most highly recognised festivals for experimental music as well as at several underground-places, open spaces and independent venues. 

In most of his own independent projects and performances which preferably happen at unusual places like car-workshops, Daniel makes an extensive use of his self-made percussion devices, built of different materials and electronics. He has various Radio-and CD- and vinyl productions to his credit.


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