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My Daily Noise, Label: ZORA Records, Zora_R03, 2014
Daniel Buess: 2 Symphonic Bass Drums, Giant Metal Spring, Shakers, Bells, Electronics
Kasper Toeplitz: Bass / Computer

MY DAILY NOISE is the duo of Buess & Toeplitz, playing loud, aggressive music, using symphonic bass drums, giant springs, noise effects, low strings, lots of sub-bass and tons of distortion.

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Daniel Buess: PITCH (feat. Cal Lyall & Kikuchi Yukinori)
Label: Pharmafabrik Recordings, PFCD032, 2014

“Pitch” is a solo-release by the Swiss drummer/percussionist Daniel Buess (MIR, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, CORTEX etc.). It contains four solo-tracks with percussion- and electronic sounds plus one trio, feat. Cal Lyall (guitar) and Kikuchi Yukinori (electronics), recorded live in Nagoya, Japan, during the “Jolt Festival, Extremities”-Tour in 2012. Daniel explores in his solo-work the endless fields of noise and deformed percussion-sounds by the use of self designed instruments. Harsh electronics merge with powerful ritualistic drums, strange, detuned percussive strings meet dark soundscapes and crushing jolts of shockwave. Extreme frequencies and pulsating, moving sound-fields get to one big zone of organised sound. “Pitch” is dedicated to Zbigniew Karkowski who passed away in Peru exactly one year ago, on the 12.12.2013
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Live at the JOLT-Festival Basel, Compilation (Vinyl+CD)
Label: A Tree in a Field Records, TREE 047, Dec. 2014
The JOLT-Festival Basel is an interdisciplinary art and music festival that took place November 7.-13 2011 at Galerie Stampa and Gare du Nord Basel, Switzerland. Other featured artists on this compilation include Oren Ambarchi, CORTEX & Stelarc, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Ferocious41, carthage and Roy  & the Devil’s Motorcycle and Papiro. This is a double format release consisting of black vinyl LP with 320kb/FLAC download code and the CD for extra long play and extra depth excursions. Ensemble Phoenix Basel & CORTEX play Phylum by Alex Buess.
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Antoine Chessex – Selected Chamber Music Works 2009-2013
CD 25308 
[Tochnit Aleph]
Four chamber music pieces by Swiss composer Antoine Chessex. Including: Angst Miniature (for strings and tape, 2009), Metakatharsis (for ensemble, live-electronics and tape, 2010), Ritournelle Fulgurante (for ensemble, 2013), Schichten (for ensemble, 2011). Comes with 12 page booklet. Edition of 300 copies.

Ensemble Phoenix Basel plays Metakatharsis:
Christoph Bösch: Flute, Toshiko Sakakibara: Clarinet, Daniel Buess: Percussion, Aleksander Gabrys: Doublebass, Nenad Markovic: Trompet, Samuel Wettstein: Piano, Thomas Peter: Electronics, Valerio Tricoli: Real to Real Tape Recorder

Recorded by Alex Buess at Dampzentrale Bern, mixed and edited by Antoine Chessex & Valerio Tricoli  
Giacinto Scelsi “RITO”

Label:telos music, 2014

1. Pranam I for alto-voice, 12 instruments and tape 
2. Pranam II for 9 instruments 
3. Khoom for soprano, horn, string-quartet and two percussionists 
4. Riti: I funerali di Alessandro Magno for electric organ, contra-bassoon, tuba, doublebass and percussion 
5. Okanagon for harp, doublebass and tam tam

Ensemble Phoenix Basel, conducted by Jürg Henneberger, Marianne Schuppe: soprano

recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Buess  
Zbigniew Karkowski _ Unreleased Material

This is our hommage to a great musician (1958 – 2013). A CD full of music, that had been never published, Karkowski made with different musicians around the globe. Not only ‘a piece in memory of’ but some real music played with him! _Get yourself a glass of some good wine and blast your head off with this! In Karkowski’s spirit ! Cheers man !!

With ZK & Daniel Buess – live from LUFF does Tokyo – Ilios – Kelkajan_Fortjan_Muziko
ZK & Julien Ottavi – Xuang
ZK & Lars Akerlund – Mittelpunkte for ZK
ZK & Sin:Ned – Act of Noise and the recording of the very last concert by LE DEPEUPLEUR “Thinking the unthinkable”

GENRE:Electronic    FORMAT:CD CATALOG N. fibrr 015| YEAR. (2014)

MIR: Shock Your Moneymaker (CD/LP)

Daniel Buess: Drums
Papiro: guitar/Synth
Michi Zaugg: Synth
Label: released 4.9.2013, A TRee in a Field Records

1 Living in Fire

2 Black Flute Chant

3 Church of Olten

4 Bass Pool

5 Karma Fuck Up

6 Duck Soul

7 Wheel of Fortune

8 Fortunes End

9 Encore

10 Jimbo

11 Brain Donor

Cortex: Vacuum Theory (Praxis 48) (2011)

Alex Buess – Electronics, Reeds
Daniel Buess – Electronics,Percussion
A-Side: The Machinic Phylum
B-Side: Usu / Mutabor
Label: Praxis (Berlin)

ECHO Festival Belgrade 2010 (Book & CD)

Daniel Buess, percussion, electronics
Antoine Chessex, saxophone, electronics
Knut Remond, ventilators, handbag-electronics
Manja Ristić, violin
Ivan Kadelburg, electronics

1. Manja Ristic Solo 02:29
2. Daniel Buess Solo 06:40
3. Trio Manja Ristic/ Knut Remond/ Daniel Buess   06:56
4. Quartet Manja Ristic, Knut Remond, Antoine Chessex, Daniel Buess  04:51
5. Knut Remond Solo 10:46
6. Antoine Chessex Solo   09:17
7. Duo Antoine Chessex/ Daniel Buess   05:31
8. Duo Manja Ristic/ Ivan Kadelburg       07:37
recorded during the ECHO-festival,
September 9,10,11, 2011 at Kazamati, Belgrad by Slobodan Stanojević-Braca
audio production December / January 2010 / 11  by Alex Buess, kom.x media design Basel
MIR – S/T (2009)

Recorded Live at Reitschule Bern by Alex Buess (16-17, God, Ice, CORTEX), mastered by Weasel Walter (Flying Lutenbachers) Available as CD version, or limited edition double 12″ Maxi with handmade screenprint covers. This is a co-release of Atreeinafield Records (CH) Wallace Records (Italy) and Savage Land (France). CD or 2×12″ Maxi | 2009 | 7 Tracks | 29 Min
Zbigniew Karkowski
Physiques Sonores (Book& CD)
Editions Rip on/off 

Physique Sonore” realized and published by the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival and Groupe de la Riponne as the first volume of the collection Rip on/ off. Texts by Zbigniew Karkowski, Boris Wlassof, Christian Indermuhle, Thibault Walter, Nikola Mounoud (MERJ.CH), Fernando Sixto (Cave 12), Naut Humon (Asphodel) and Metamkine. Graphic Concept: Julien Notter et Sébastien Vigne (
This first book comes with a cd on which an original piecework callled “form and disposition” by Zbigniew Karkowski is recorded. It is interpreted by himself and Daniel Buess and was performed live on 17th October 08 at Salle des Fêtes of the casino de Montbenon durin the LUFF-Festival 08.

Ensemble Phoenix Basel Live-Recordings (2008)
Label: Musiques Suisses/ Grammont Portrait

im Grimm: Kammerkonzert for 7 players (2003) Beat Furrer: still for Ensemble (1998) Fausto Romitelli: Cupio dissolvi for 14 players (1996) Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (*1969): Veneno 5 for Percussion solo and Ensemble (Daniel Buess, Percussion) (2001) Alex Buess (*1954): Ghosts of Schizophonia (Phylum II) for Ensemble and Live-Elektronics (2005)

Recorded Live at Gare du Nord Basel by Alex Buess

The Swiss Australian Collectables „Shimmerlings“ (2006)

Winter Rites
k(L)ing (version1)
Flute Face 1
K(L)ing) (version 2)

Recorded at VCA Melbourne by Myles Mumford

MIR „Ex Modules“ (2005) Label: Atree in a field Records (


ensemble für neue musik zürich: Dieter Ammann „The Freedom of Speech“ (2005)
Label: hat(now)ART

Violation I (1996)
Violation II (1996)
Imagination Against Numbers (1994)
Gehörte Form – Hommage I (1998)
Gehörte Form – Hommage II (1998)
Gehörte Form – Hommage III (1998)
The Freedom of Speech (1996)

Recorded at DRS Radiostudio Zürich by Hans Ott and Andreas Werner

B&B: Portrait-CD Franz Furrer-Münch 2004
Label: United Phoenix Records (

B&B + Sascha Armbruster (Saxophone)

eng/weit/lento (Bass)Flute, 2 Concert Bass Drums and Percussion Instruments (2001) ans ungereimte verdingt (2000) Tenorsaxophone solo mouvements for one soloist, 4 timpany and small percussion instruments nicht zeichen, wandlung (1992) For Alto-Flute in G solo Aufgebrochene Momente (1991) For Tenorsaxophone, Cimbalom and small percussion instruments

Recorded by Alex Buess at church of Blumenstein (BE), Switzerland

Ensemble Phoenix Basel (2004):
Alex Buess/Dror Feiler/Tim Hodgkinson Label: United Phoenix Records ( 1.-3. Alex Buess Buess: Parallaxe A (Biomechanische Version 2) (2002) Ensemble+ 5-channel surround Tape

Tim Hodgkinson: Repulsion (1997)
Clarinet, El.Guit., Trombone, Percussion

Dror Feiler: Restitutio in Pristinum (1996)
Amplified Violin, El.Guitar, Sopranino-Saxophone, Trombone, Percussion

Alex Buess: Maxwell’s Demon (1992/93)
Trumpet, Trombone, El.Bass, 3 Percussions, Keyboard and Live Electronics

Recorded live at Gare du Nord Basel by Alex Buess

Katarakt (2003)

Jaap Van Bemmelen: El.Guitar
Daniel Buess: Drums, Percussion
Samuel Wettstein: Piano, El.Piano and Synthesizer
Martin Birnstiel: El. Cellos

Volker Heyn: Kowalski’s Katz ort he Rest of the fuckin’ Story (PartI) (2001) El.guitar, Synthesizer, El.Bass, El.Cello, Percussion+Tape

Louis Andriessen: Hout (1992) Saxophone, Marimba, El.Guitar, Piano

Philippe Kocher: Zweiundzwei (1999) Baritonesaxophone, El. Guitar, El.Piano, El.Cello, Drums

Manfred Stahnke: Harbour Town Love at Millenium’s End (1994) Saxophone, Prepared Piano, Percussion

Matthias Gloor: Le chat dans le chardin (1999) Piano, Baritonesaxophone, El.Guitar, El. Cello, Drums

Recorded by Alex Buess at Aula Burg in Liestal (BL), Switzerland

16-17 (1999)

“Mechanophobia” (The Soundsystem Mixes), Vinyl-EP, Label: Praxis UK
A-Side: Mechanophobia
B-Side: Pyrexia

Ensemble Phoenix Basel: Portrait-CD Detlev Müller-Siemens (1999)

Phoenix 1
Phoenix 2
Phoenix 3
Light Blue, almost white
Cuts (Saxophone solo + Ensemble, Marcus Weiss, Saxophone)

Recorded by Robert Hermann at Musikhochschule Basel Label: WERGO

HOW2 „Turing Machine“ (1998)

Daniel Buess: Träsch (1998), Percussionduo + Tape Intermission I

Rico Gubler: Activities (1998) Percussion+ Live- Elektronics Daniel Buess: Percussion, Nikolaus Neecke: Live Electronics Intermission II

Maarten Altena: Puls II+I I (1993) Percussion solo Daniel Stalder: Percussion Intermission III

Iannis Xenakis: Psappha (1976) Percussion solo Daniel Buess: Percussion Intermission IV

Alex Buess: N.S. Turing Machine Version (1998) Percussionduo+Tape
Recorded at the HOW 2-Rehersal Studio, Basel by Alex Buess and Roger Graf, Wolf 2.8.1.Studios