Daniel Buess/Zbigniew Karkowski

Crashing waves of digitally generated sound and massive walls of overwhelming subsonic and ultra high frequencies collide with intense, extremely heavy and physically challenging drum patterns. Propulsive drum pulses merge with harsh power electronics into one overdriven noise blast – a powerful sensory experience of shockwave.


Zbigniew Karkowski Physiques Sonores (Book& CD) Editions Rip on/off
Texts by Zbigniew Karkowski, Boris Wlassof, Christian Indermuhle, Thibault Walter, Nikola Mounoud (MERJ.CH), Fernando Sixto (Cave 12), Naut Humon (Asphodel) and Metamkine. Graphic Concept: Julien Notter et Sébastien Vigne ( Contains a CD with the piece «Form & Disposition», composed by Zbigniew Karkowski, played by Daniel Buess (percussion/electronics):

 Saskia Edens / Daniel Buess
Saskia Edens: “à contre courant” (Saskia Edens: performance, Sound: Daniel Buess)

Saskia Edens: “Make-Up” (Saskia Edens: Video, Sound: Daniel Buess)
Daniel Buess, Kumiko Okamura, Tetsuo Furudate, live at Soup, Tokyo
Daniel Buess & Cadlag, live at Zasavje Noisefest International 2014

Hong Chulki (turntables & more) and Daniel Buess (percussions & more) live at Oblo, Lausanne 25.01.2010, video by moju

Buess/ Hirose/ Yoshimoto Live @ 阿佐ヶ谷 Yellow Vision Tokyo 2012.9.24