BUGGATRONIC: Daniel Buess: Percussion, Electronics James Hullick: No input mixing desks, Machines The Swiss/ Australian duo that is Buggatronic started in 2009 when Daniel Buess and James Hullick joined forces in a cyclonic collision of sound. There is the signature of industrial noise in Buggatronic, but there is also a love of tightly timed formal design and aural choreography in the work. Daniel Buess bringshis percussion background to the duo, as well as an array of electronic gadgetry and memories of space rock out convulsions. James Hullick meets Buess head on with specially built robotic music machines and the grind of no-input mixing desks. Amidst the showers of amplified dynamism and hard walls of sound, Buggatronic also capture the delicate moments. And then the cochlea tsunami washes it all away. Buggatronic is urban life amplified for the 21st century. Further Info: www.joltarts.org/buggatronic
live at Hullick-Warehouse, Brunswick, Melbourne

live at Urbanguild Kyoto
live at Ohrenhoch Berlin