Daniel Buess (dr) studied at the Musikhochschule Basel with Siegfried Schmid and with Isao Nakamura in Karlsruhe. Studies in traditional southindian percussion-music, specially the Mridangam from 1995 till 1998 and in Arabic percussion music during a three months residency in Cairo, Egypt from Nov. 2007 till Jan. 2008.

Daniel was and is still involved in various groups and Ensembles in the realm of experimental and improvised music, like “Ensemble Phœnix Basel” of which he is a core-member and solo-percussionist since its foundation in 1998, “CORTEX” (with the composer and electronic-musician Alex Buess), “16-17”, “HOW2” (with the percussionist Daniel Stalder), “Katarakt”, “B&B” (with the flautist Christoph Bösch), MIR (with Papiro and Michael Zaugg) Buggatronic (with James Hullick). His collaborations include artists like Alex Buess, Hany Bedair, Knut Remond, Zbigniew Karkowski, Kasper T.Toeplitz, John Duncan, Michael Wertmüller, Phill Niblock, Julio Estrada, Stephan Wittwer, Volker Heyn, Thomas Lauck, Tim Hodgkinson, Iancu Dumitrescu and many others.

At his regular tours through Europe, Asia and Australia, he performed at the most highly recognised festivals for experimental music as well as at several underground-places, open spaces and independent venues.
In most of his own independent projects and performances which preferably happen at unusual places like car-workshops, Daniel makes an extensive use of his self-made percussion devices, built of different materials and electronics. Occasionally, particularly in Asia, he gives master classes on electronic coffee-cans. He has various Radio and CD productions to his credit.
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