Christoph Bösch: flute/electronics
Daniel Buess: percussion/electronics

The duo „B&B“ (Christoph Bösch, flutes & Daniel Buess, percussions) was founded in 2003, developed from the common work of Daniel Buess and Christoph Bösch over many years with Ensemble Phoenix Basel, of which both of the two musicians are core-members.

The duo has already for quite a long time connections to Asia and especially to Japan. Begun by the collaboration with the japanese composer Noriko Hisada who wrote a piece for the duo, a first invitation to Japan was made possible, where „B&B“ gave concerts and held lectures at Tokyo College of Music. This first collaboration leaded because of it’s wide resonnance to a further invitation from the Japan Society of contemporary music to B&B and Toshiko Sakakibara as interpreters in residence for their composition-competition 2005.

Beside this competition, the three musicians played further performances with their own programs. 2004, B&B took part of the festival Roaring Hoofs in the Gobi-Desert, Mongolia, followed by further concerts in Switzerland). 2006,

B&B realized a collaboration with the australian musicians Eugene Eughetti (Speak Percussion Melbourne), composers James Hullick and Myles Mumford as the Collectables.

The focus of their concert-programs is on surround-electronics, music for percussions, flute and electronics, composed and performed by the collectables. They performed at Australian’s experimental music festival Liquid Architecture in Brisbane, Sidney and Melnbourne, followed by concerts in Europe in 2007.

There is a new Portrait-CD which shows the resault of the colaboration of B&B with the unique swiss composer Franz Furrer-Münch, which the duo plays together with the saxophonist Sascha Armbruster (www.unitedphoenixrecords.com).


Collectables (CH/AUS)

Daniel Buess (CH): Percussion
Eugene Ughetti (AUS): Percussion
Peter Neville (AUS): Percussion
Christoph Bösch (CH): Flute
James Hullick (AUS): Electronics / Composition
Myles Mumford (AUS): Electronics / Composition

Experimental sound researche, archaic drum-beats, ambiental sound-fields and unusual, extreme frequences, thats what the sound of the collectables is about…a group which grew out of the many years-collaboration of the percussionist Daniel Buess with the australian percussionists of speak percussion.

Their first program has been performed 2006 at the well known australian experimental music festival „Liquid Ar-chitecture“ in Brisbane, Sidney and Melbourne and later on in Switzerland in several cities. The program was focused on music for surround electronics, flute and percussion, composed and performed by the collectables.